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Financial Overview

Since 2009, the company has handled a total construction cost exceeding Rs 16 million and reaching a total construction cost exceeding Rs 105 Million in 2016 with its current Kensington Heights Project. It is estimated that with our future pipeline of projects AKGM Co Ltd’s net worth would increase by Rs200 Million.


La Louise Multi-Purpose Complex Kensington Seaviews Malaya Beach Front Project Fitzone renovation
Year of implementation 2017-2018 2017-2020 2018-2019 2017-2018
Location Quatre-Bornes Flic en flac Albion Sodnac
Definition of Building Ground+3 storey Basement+ground+3.5 storey Ground+1.5 storey Ground+2.5 storey
Size of Land n/a 3772m2  1499 m2  n/a
Expenses: (i) Cost of land

(ii) Material & Labour


MUR 11,000,000.00

MUR 35,000,000

MUR 145,995,225

MUR 35,000,000

MUR 55,000,000


MUR 3,200,000

Total Project Cost MUR 11,000,000.00 MUR 180,995,225 MUR 90,000,000 MUR 3,200,000